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Vivo V11 Pro Questions & Answers

Vivo V11 Pro does support the fast charging. It takes just about 30 minutes to charge from 0% to 42% and about 60 minutes to charge the battery from 0% to 80%. You need to use the supplied original charger for the best results. 

Customer Also Asked

Yes, Vivo V11 Pro does have the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection. 

Yes, Vivo V11 Pro does have FM radio support. 

Yes, Vivo V11 Pro does have the fast charging support. 

No. Vivo V11 Pro does not have the NFC support. 

Experts Reviews

Vivo V11 Pro Review

The Vivo V11 Pro is a solid all-rounder at Rs. 25,990 and offers better value than the Oppo F9 Pro (Review), but for a bit more money. Think of it as a Vivo X21 with a bigger battery and better front camera, but at a much more reasonable price, which is a good recipe.

Gadgets 360
Roydon Cerejo on September 11, 2018
Vivo V11 Pro Review

Priced at Rs. 25,990; the Vivo V11 Pro is a great option for anyone wanting a good-looking daily driver. Something that is reliable, takes decent photos and is a great communications & social media device.

Dhruv Bhutani on September 17, 2018