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Vivo V11 Pro Experts Review

Vivo V11 Pro Review

The Vivo V11 Pro is a solid all-rounder at Rs. 25,990 and offers better value than the Oppo F9 Pro (Review), but for a bit more money. Think of it as a Vivo X21 with a bigger battery and better front camera, but at a much more reasonable price, which is a good recipe.

Gadgets 360

Roydon Cerejo on September 11, 2018

Vivo V11 Pro Review

Priced at Rs. 25,990; the Vivo V11 Pro is a great option for anyone wanting a good-looking daily driver. Something that is reliable, takes decent photos and is a great communications & social media device.


Dhruv Bhutani on September 17, 2018

Vivo V11 Pro review: Almost perfect for the price

The V11 Pro is an all-rounder. There are many bits that the Vivo V11 Pro gets right. It has a gorgeous screen and it is a fast performer. The battery life is good enough, the camera is capable in good light, and features like the in-display fingerprint sensor and IR face unlock make the Vivo V11 Pro look like a phone from 2019.

India Today

Sneha Saha on September 06, 2018

Vivo V11 Pro review: well done basics with half-baked extras

The Vivo V11 Pro arrives just six months after the V9 which borrowed heavily from the iPhone X. The V11 stands on its own two feet, handling the basics of battery, display and performance well, but it tries to add a few too many extras on which it fails to deliver, including an overblown AI camera experience.

Android Authority

Kris Carlon on September 05, 2018