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Sony SBH56 Questions & Answers

No. Sony SBH56 does not have the removable battery. 

Customer Also Asked

No. Sony SBH56 does not have the vibration alert. 

Yes, Sony SBH56 does have the inbuilt speaker. 

No. Sony SBH56 does not have the MicroSD memory card slot. 

No. Sony SBH56 does not have the FM radio. 

Experts Reviews

Sony SBH56 Review: Stereo Bluetooth Headset With Remote Camera and NFC

The Sony SBH56 is very good in voice quality, the sound quality from the in-ear earphones is clear and sharp, and the microphone quality is also good. The recording quality of the microphone is also quite good.

Tech Toy Reviews
Ankeet Solanki on July 26, 2017

The Sony SBH-56 is a fantastic accessory to have if you have many wired in-ears and headphones. It certainly turns all of your devices 'wireless'. It is a fantastic choice for those who want to step in the wireless world without an overhaul of all their wired audio products.

DARADISER Team on May 04, 2018