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Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2017) Experts Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2017) review: Lots to go, but has some misses

Overall, we think that at a price of Rs 17,990, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A is a good buy. It has a sturdy built and design, a vibrant display and is a performer.


Avani Baggal on November 11, 2017

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 2017 Review – How Good Is It Really?

The build quality is very solid, the performance is good and the battery life is excellent. At the same time, we get good software and updates are likely in the future.


Andrzej Tokarski on November 27, 2017

Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2017) Review: For your kids and binge-watching needs

The Galaxy Tab A (2017) offers a decent overall performance and good battery life. The Kids Mode, screen quality, and Knox security features are interesting add-ons. The sturdy design and build quality, 4G for data and calling features are other things that go in favor of the tablet.

BGR India

Ritesh Bendre on November 27, 2017