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Samsung Galaxy S9 Questions & Answers

Samsung Galaxy S9 box includes S9 mobile (with battery), sim ejector tool, earphone, USB power adapter, USB Type C Cable, Back Cover and ear plugs. 

Customer Also Asked

Yes, Samsung Galaxy S9 does have the quick charge support. 

Yes, Samsung Galaxy S9 does have the IRIS sensor to unlock the phone. 

Yes, Samsung Galaxy S9 is a hybrid sim mobile phone. Means, you can easily use either 2 sim cards or 1 sim card & 1 MicroSD card. You can use up to 400 GB MicroSD card with the phone. Samsung Galaxy S9 also has OTG support. 

Yes, Samsung Galaxy S9 does have the face unlock. 

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Samsung Galaxy S9 review

The Galaxy S9 may be failing to wow with the design but makes up for that with performance and new camera skills.

GSMArena Team on March 10, 2018
Samsung Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S9 ticks most of the boxes with regards to what most folk want in a new phone: good camera, attractive design, stunning screen and plenty of interesting features to play with.

Trusted Reviews
Max Parker on May 17, 2018