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Samsung Galaxy A9 Questions & Answers

Yes, Samsung Galaxy A9 does have the Dolby ATMOS sound support. 

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Yes, you can record 4K videos from Samsung Galaxy A9. 

Samsung Galaxy A9 has 3800 mAh battery capacity. 

No. Samsung Galaxy A9 does not have the remote sensor. It lacks IR sensor support. 

No. Samsung Galaxy A9 does not have the IR blaster. 

Customers Reviews

aniket jha on December 23 2018
Verified Buyer
Excellent Camera Phone

If you are looking to buy a good camera phone, then this is the phone to bank upon. Excellent in every department. The display is clear and very crisp. RAM management is also good. However, I felt that camera performance could have been improved. Anyways, I am very happy with the phone.

Experts Reviews

Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) Review

With that said, we'd say that the Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018)'s four cameras don't amount to a whole lot just yet — you get a little versatility and they might occasionally come in handy, but we wouldn't call this an absolute must-have for photographers. Cameras aside, this is a competent phone that delivers strong performance and looks good doing it. If you're looking for a big, bold style statement, you've found one.

Gadgets 360
Jamshed Avari on December 03, 2018
Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) hands-on review

The Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) is one of those rare devices that has a clear angle going for it, in a sea of smartphone sameness. In its case, that's both a blessing and a curse. It's very easy to focus on the world-first camera count achievement and simply stop there, either writing off the phone as a one trick pony or basing your opinion of it solely on its camera capabilities.

GSMArena Team on October 13, 2018