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Reliance JioFi 3 JMR540 Wireless Router Questions & Answers

JioFi 3 do not have any particular data limit. It totally goes with the recharge plan you have opted for. 

Customer Also Asked

You can get the best performance of JioFi3 up to 10 meters.

Connecting JioFi3 with PC is very easy. Switch on WiFi on your PC and search for the available network. You will find your JioFi 3 right there if you have already activated it. Connect it. 

JioFi 3 is the successor of JioFi 2. JioFi 3 is having few superior features over JioFi 2. 

01) JioFi 3 does have 2600 mAh battery, while JioFi 2 was having 2300 mAh battery. 

02) JioFi 3 comes with OLED indicators, which provides you update about network coverage strength, battery backup. JioFi 2 was not having OLED indicators. 

You can attach up to 31 devices with JioFi 3.