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Reliance JioFi 3 JMR540 Wireless Router Questions & Answers

You need PUK Code to unlock JioFi 3.

To Know PUK Code Of Your Reliance JIO Sim Card, Follow These Simple Steps Below :-

Firstly, Place a call from Any Mobile Number: 18008899999 ( Toll-Free )

After choosing Language, Assistant will attend your call, Say them that you want to Talk to JIO Customer Care

Say them that you want PUK Code of your JIO Number

He will verify Your details & Your Identity which you have given at the time of taking sim.

After that, He will provide you PUK Code for your JIO Sim card.

Just Enter it, Where it asks on your Mobile screen.

SetUP New Pin ( 4 Digits ) & After that Turn Off PUK Code in Security Settings.

On purchase of JioFi3 - you shall get Jio sim card absolutely free. 

JioFi3 comes with removable 2600 mAh battery. From my personal experience I can say that you can use for almost 2 days nonstop. 

Connecting JioFi3 with PC is very easy. Switch on WiFi on your PC and search for the available network. You will find your JioFi 3 right there if you have already activated it. Connect it. 

JioFi 3 do not have any particular data limit. It totally goes with the recharge plan you have opted for. 

JioFi 3 is the successor of JioFi 2. JioFi 3 is having few superior features over JioFi 2. 

01) JioFi 3 does have 2600 mAh battery, while JioFi 2 was having 2300 mAh battery. 

02) JioFi 3 comes with OLED indicators, which provides you update about network coverage strength, battery backup. JioFi 2 was not having OLED indicators. 

You can attach up to 31 devices with JioFi 3. 

Changing password in JioFi 3 is very easy. You can follow the below steps. 

01) Connect your computer or mobile phone or tablet with Jio Fi 3. 

02) Open your web browser 

03) Type jiofi.local.html in the address bar 

04) Click on Log-In link given in right corner 

05) Enter your user-id and default password 

06) If you are changing your password for the first time - default user-id and password both are "administrator"

07) It will now prompt to you change username and password. 

08) Change it to your desired username and password. 

JioFi3 is the latest model of JioFi.

Reliance JioFi3 is absolutely one of the best wi-fi routers. You can buy without any hesitation.

You can get the best performance of JioFi3 up to 10 meters.