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OPPO F5 Experts Review

Oppo F5 Review

Oppo has delivered a winner with the F5.

NDTV Gadget360

Jamshed Avari on November 09, 2017

Oppo F5

A solid budget Android with an impressive selfie camera and ultra-wide screen.

Trusted Reviews

Andrew Williams on December 19, 2017

Oppo F5 review

The Oppo F5 is a slightly boring, but nevertheless, a solid mid-range choice. And for the right type of customer, the Oppo F5 might be well worth considering.


GSMArena Team on November 22, 2017

OPPO F5 review: Great selfies come at a premium

The F5 should serve most people quite well in terms of performance. There’s also a wonderful display to boot.

Android Authority

Abhishek Bakshi on March 26, 2018

Oppo F5 review: A selfie-centric, skinny screen curio

The Oppo F5 is a cheeky phone. It deliberately flings out features Apple wants us to get excited about in the iPhone X while costing around a quarter price.


Andrew Williams on November 03, 2017

Oppo F5 6GB Review

The Oppo F5 will give you every feature that’s in trend right now


Subhrojit Mallick on February 21, 2018