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Oppo A37f Questions & Answers

No. OPPO A37f do not have fingerprint sensor. 

Customer Also Asked

Yes, you can use 64-bit apps on OPPO A37. 

No. OPPO A37f is not waterresistant. 

Yes, OPPO A37 does have Gyroscope sensor. 

No. Oppo A37 is not a waterproof mobile. 

Customers Reviews

ratnesh mehn on August 14 2017
Verified Buyer

I was confused between Oppo A37 and Nokia 3 but then I have decided to buy Oppo A37 mainly because -

01) Oppo A37 is bit cheaper than Nokia 3 and I can buy some covers along from that money
02) Oppo A37 comes with free back cover - wherein Nokia 3 does not have anything free
03) You can record HD Videos with Oppo A37 while Nokia 3 does not allow Full HD video recording

So far the experience is good. Phone looks very pretty and fits in the palm. It is easy to use Oppo A37 with the help of just one hand. Oppo theme store is also good.

rupesh narang on July 22 2017
Verified Buyer

I have purchased this phone after taking demonstration in a retail outlet in Mumbai. OnlyMobiles price of Oppo A37 is quite less than retail outlets. Oppo A37 can be a very good phone if you are looking for not so expensive phone but want to buy a good looking phone. Finishing of the phone is no less than an iPhone and the battery performance is also a moderate one. I like front camera more than rear camera, though.

shahid mansuri on May 14 2017

If you are also confused like me between OPPO A37 Vs Gionee F103 Pro - buy Gionee F103 Pro. I have purchased this phone but I am not happy with the display quality. In case of direct sunlight there are issues. clarity is not perfect since the display is not Full HD. Battery performance is good and no heating issues in this phone. But still I think Gionee F103 pro is better since it has got 3GB RAM.

Experts Reviews

Review: Oppo A37

Once again Oppo has presented us with a device that is functional, to the point and performs just as expected.

Sagar Gandhi on July 21, 2016
OPPO A37 Review

The device has great camera results and fast processor so you should consider this device before buying any other device.

Phone World
Shaheer Riaz on February 23, 2017