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Nokia 8 Sirocco Experts Review

Nokia 8 Sirocco: The most stylish Nokia Android phone

There's no denying that Nokia 8 Sirocco is a step up from last year's model. With the Sirocco, HMD proves that it can design a phone that is stunning to look at and stands out in the crowded smartphone space.


Abbas Jaffar Ali on May 07, 2018

Nokia 8 Sirocco review

Spending ₹49,999 for the Sirocco makes sense if you’re an Android purist wanting a smartphone with super specs, exceptional bodywork and for those who want premium-ness in their hands.


Burhanuddin Kapasi on May 01, 2018

Nokia 8 Sirocco Review: A notch less than wow

For an impressive build, great display, and stock Android, the Nokia 8 Sirocco deserves to be called the flagship device which is not too tall for your small hands.

BGR (India)

Deepali Moray on May 02, 2018

Nokia 8 Sirocco Review : A Diamond in the Rough

We’ve enjoyed using the Nokia 8 Sirocco a whole lot more than many other smartphones over the last few months.


Dhruv Bhutani on April 24, 2018

Nokia 8 Sirocco review: Hands-on

The Nokia 8 Sirocco is a really interesting device from the firm that’s completely different to its other phones.

Tech Advisor (UK)

Chris Martin on February 25, 2018