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Nokia 3 Experts Review

Nokia 3 Review

In our opinion, the Nokia 3 is best suited for first-time smartphone buyers and those looking for some experience with Android in general.

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Ketan Pratap on July 28, 2017

Nokia 3 Review - A budget smartphone with an eye-catching design

It may look like one of the best cheap phones on the market but the Nokia 3 is style over substance, struggling with long load times and poor battery life.


James Peckham on November 21, 2017

Nokia 3

The Nokia 3 is cheap, but there’s nothing here to have the Moto G5 quaking in its boots.

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Max Parker on August 01, 2017

Nokia 3 review: Now slightly cheaper but still outclassed

Nokia’s first budget Android phone is a decent first effort, but a handful of niggles hold the Nokia 3 back.

Expert Reviews (UK)

Christopher Minasians on May 08, 2018

Nokia 3 review: The Nokia 3 is cheap and you'll know it

The Nokia 3 sacrifices too much processing power to achieve its low price. You’re better off spending a bit more on the Motorola Moto G5.


Andrew Hoyle on July 14, 2017

Nokia 3 Review

At the end of the day, the Nokia 3 is a well-designed phone that catches the eye, but this impression turns out to be only superficial.


Victor Hristov on July 24, 2017

Nokia 3 Review

We had high hopes for the Nokia 3, but the final phone is a bit of a disappointment.

Tech Advisor (UK)

Dominic Preston on August 10, 2017