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Nokia 2 Questions & Answers

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No. Nokia 2 does not have the hybrid sim slot. It has 2 dedicated sim card slots and 1 dedicated MicroSD card slot.

No. Nokia 2 does not have the fingerprint sensor.

Yes, Nokia 2 is a perfect combination of Alluminimum Alloy frame and solid industrial grade Polycarbonate back. 

Nokia 3 has 2 dedicated sim card slots and you can use the nano size sim cards.

Customers Reviews

jagdish chaturvedi on January 20 2018
Verified Buyer
Big Battery, Small Price

If you are looking for genuine good battery backup - Nokia 2 is the best. I have been using it since last 3 days and I have charged it only once. My usage is moderate. I am not a heavy user. The packaging of the product was good and price also reasonable on this site. This was my first experience of purchase from onlymobiles. It is a good experience.

umesh chandra on November 25 2017

You should buy this phone if - you want

01) A good reputed company's product

02) If you love your country - because this phone is 100% made-in-India

03) Big battery life - which can last at least 2 days and you do not require to charge it often

04) If you are not using your phone for games

This is best phone with big battery.

sunder sharma on January 27 2018
Best For The First Time Buyers

If you are looking for a cheap but reliable android phone, I will strongly recommend this phone. OR if you want an standby android phone for the emergency purposes while travelling - Nokia 2 is a good android phone with incredible battery backup.

Experts Reviews

Nokia 2 review

It's not a bad phone, this Nokia 2. It's just that there's only so much you can do within a budget this tight.

GSMArena Team on January 05, 2018
Nokia 2 Review

You get what you pay for, and you don't pay much here

Andrew Williams on March 26, 2018