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Nokia 2 Experts Review

Nokia 2 review

It's not a bad phone, this Nokia 2. It's just that there's only so much you can do within a budget this tight.


GSMArena Team on January 05, 2018

Nokia 2 Review

You get what you pay for, and you don't pay much here


Andrew Williams on March 26, 2018

Nokia 2

The Nokia 2 is another cheap, well-built handset from the resurgent Finnish brand, but it simply doesn’t achieve the minimum level of performance that we expect from a modern phone.

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Jon Mundy on March 23, 2018

Nokia 2 review: Yes, a smartphone that lasts for two days!

The Nokia 2 is the cheapest of the devices presented by HMD Global to date. With a price tag of around $100, the Nokia 2 is a budget smartphone that promises great battery life.

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Luis Ortega on April 05, 2018

Nokia 2 Review: My Favourite Budget Phone

The Nokia 2 is a rare breed in its class.


Kiruti Itimu on December 23, 2017