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Nokia 105 Questions & Answers

Oh yes, Nokia 105 has 2 variants - Single Sim & Dual Sim. So naturally, the dual sim variant does support dual sim.

Customer Also Asked

Yes, you can save contacts in the Gujarati language in Nokia 105. 

Yes, Nokia 105 does support the Gujarati language. In fact, it supports 12 Indian vernacular languages.

Yes, Nokia 105 does have support for the Punjabi language.

Yes, Nokia 105 does have the support for the Marathi language.

Customers Reviews

sunil motwani on July 02 2018
Verified Buyer
Nokia Phone Do Not Require Reviews - They Are Best

Wanted to buy a phone for my aunt. And without a hitch I have chose Nokia 105. The phone is good for daily usage and it supports Marathi language, too.