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Nokia 1 Experts Review

Nokia 1 review: Best low-end phone ever?

The Nokia 1 is an inexpensive Android smartphone, and as you can tell from the Nokia 1 review, you very much get what you pay for.

Android Authority

Gary Sims on April 06, 2018

Nokia 1 Review

The biggest issue with the Nokia 1 is the Rs. 5,499 sticker price.

NDTV Gadget360

Shobhit Varma on April 16, 2018

Hands on: Nokia 1 review

A bargain basement Android phone that actually works

Tech Radar

John McCann on March 05, 2018

Nokia 1 review

The Nokia 1 shows that Android Go has a lot of potential, but ultimately it comes down to the price.

Android Central

Harish Jonnalagadda on April 17, 2018

Nokia 1 hands-on review

As one of the first phones to ship with Android Go, the Nokia 1 offers one of the best user experiences we've seen on a low-end phone.

Digital Trends

Steven Winkelman on February 26, 2018

Nokia 1 Review

Nokia 1 is not inherently a bad phone and in fact, I really love its design, build quality, and software experience.


Beebom Team on April 16, 2018