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LG G7 ThinQ Questions & Answers

Yes, LG G7 does have the gorilla glass protection at both sides of the phone, front & rear. 

Yes, LG G7 is MIL-STD compliant for shock resistance. Its magnesium frame has I-beam construction, which should dissipate any sudden shocks. 

Yes, LG has added voice recognition in LG G7 Plus. This is actually a combination of a new chipset, a few mics and Google's AI. The G7 Plus can recognize your voice from up to 5 meters distance even in a noisy of surrounding and can launch Google Assitant in an instant. 

LG G7 has a display resolution of 1440 x 3,120 resulting into 564 PPI. 

Yes, LG G7 is Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0 compatible and also bundles a fast charger inside the box. The charger supplied with the box is of 9V/1.8A and a 30-minute charging session gets G7 from 0% to 40% charge. 

Yes, LG G7 Plus does have the wireless charging support. It takes about 3 hours to fully charge the LG G7 battery. 

Yes, LG has already announced that Android P update is already in development. 

Yes, LG G7 does have the portrait mode. 

LG G7 & G7 Plus are identically very same devices. And the only difference they have is RAM and internal storage. 

  • LG G7 has 4GB RAM while LG G7 Plus has 6GB RAM. 
  • LG G7 comes with 64GB internal memory while LG G7 Plus comes with 128GB internal storage. 

If you check the specifications of both models - both are having everything in common except the above two specs. 

  • Both phones have Snapdragon 2.8 GHz 845 octa-core processor.
  • Both phones have a similar 6.1-inch display with same 564 PPI.
  • Both phones have similar 16MP + 16MP rear camera set up. 
  • Both phones have a similar 8MP front camera set up. 
  • Both phones have similar battery capacity - 3000 mAh.
  • Both phones have fast charging & wireless charging support. 
  • Both phones have similar Audio DAC & DTS support. 
  • In fact, both phones have similar weight & dimensions. 

In fact, 6GB RAM is quite more than your regular usage even if you are heavy on your phone. We recommend buying LG G7.