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LG G6 Experts Review

LG G6 review: A good phone if you can find it cheap

The LG G6 is still a decent phone if you can find it cheap.


Lynn La on June 12, 2018

LG G6: A great screen in a stylish body

The G6 is a great phone from LG, one that pushes the brand back to the forefront of the smartphone pile in terms of design and screen.


Gareth Beavis on January 30, 2018


An impressive, simple Android phone let down by a few odd decisions.

Trusted Reviews

Max Parker on July 06, 2018

LG G6 review: At last, an LG flagship that's (mostly) worth owning.

The G6 represents some of LG's best smartphone work ever. If you're looking for a shiny new smartphone, the G6 definitely deserves a close look.


Chris Velazco on April 13, 2017

LG G6 review: it flies… like a G6!

LG’s return to form involves going back to basics. From the unique 18:9 display to the dual camera and excellent overall package, there’s a lot to like about the LG G6, which sets the standard for flagship phones in 2017.

Android Authority

Nirave Gondhia on April 07, 2017

LG G6 review

The LG G6 is a decent phone with a great screen, an impressive camera and an admirably innovative design.


Victoria Woollaston, Jonathan Bray & Christopher Minasians on April 24, 2018

LG G6 review

The LG G6 is no doubt a striking smartphone. Metal and glass shimmer while the huge 18:9 screen is impressively brought to life with the improved software and its rounded corner design.

Tech Advisor (UK)

Henry Burrell on December 11, 2017

LG G6 review: The LG G6 sets a new standard in smartphone design

The G6 is not only the first major flagship smartphone out in 2017 that we really adore, but it’s also a return to what makes us love LG phones — subtle yet beautiful design, a brilliant standout feature, and a cracking camera

Digital Trends

Andy Boxall on June 22, 2017