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JioPhone Questions & Answers

We suggest JioFi is a better option. Because - 

01) JioPhone is slightly cheaper than the standard price of JioFi. 

02) You cannot make voice calls direct from the JioFi but you can make voice calls direct from JioPhone - either from the Jio sim card or your regular sim card. 

03) JioPhone can serve as a perfect standby phone as it has dual sim card slot and a memory card slot also. 

04) You can use JioPhone direct to watch youtube videos, listening FM radio while traveling but in case of JioFi direct usage is not possible. You have to connect the JioFi to your main device. 

But JioFi has 2700 mAh battery while JioPhone has 2000 mAh battery capacity. 

Customer Also Asked

Yes, JioPhone does have the speaker phone.

JioPhone does a plastic keypad.

Yes, JioPhone does support the Gujarati language. 

Reliance JioPhone does not have call recording function.