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Google Home Mini Experts Review

Google Home Mini review: Small on sound, big on value

The Home Mini is the cheapest way of buying into the Assistant yet for those looking to buy into Google’s smart home ecosystem. While it's a good value for the price, its poor sound performance makes it a better desk buddy than a standalone speaker.


Cameron Faulkner on June 18, 2018

Google Home Mini

If you want to take your first step into the world of smart homes, and you want Google Assistant throughout your house, the Google Home Mini is an affordable way of making that happen.

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Ced Yuen on May 09, 2018

Google Home Mini review: A great alternative to the Amazon Echo Dot

The Google Home Mini stands tall as one of the best affordable smart speakers out there, along with the Amazon Echo Dot, but it doesn't do enough to supplant the Dot at the top of the list.


Ry Crist & Andrew Gebhart on May 31, 2018

Google Home Mini review: Hotter than a Amazon Dot

If you’re looking for a small, affordable home assistant, then the Google Home Mini is a great option. The small speaker is surprisingly loud and full sounding for its size, is able to understand voice commands from across the room, and integrates extremely well with other Google-made devices.

Digital Trends

Kim Wetzel on June 01, 2018


The Home Mini is best suited for those that live deep in Google’s ecosystem (and don’t have their work accounts tied to G Suite).


Dan Seifert on October 11, 2017

Google Home Mini review: The Echo Dot rival now comes with hands-free calling

The Google Home Mini would be a nailed-on five-star product if Google had only spent a couple of quid putting in a 3.5mm headphone jack in every unit.


Alan Martin on June 12, 2018


Google's smart speaker is great for those with a Home-enabled home.

The Wired

David Pierce on October 10, 2017