Frequently Asked Questions

OnlyMobile Coins

What is so special about OM Coins?

OM Coins is our way of saying thanks to our customers. We offer OM Coins on certain products – where after buying the product, we pass on these OM Coins as complimentary and that help our customers to purchase the next product with discounts.

What is OM Cash/Coins?

OnlyMobiles Cash or Coins is a type of equaling  to money that can  only be used on to make purchases. OnlyMoney is transferable and registered users can transfer the same to their relatives/friends or any other unknown user easily. In turn, their relatives and friends can use the OnlyMobiles Coins  to make purchase only on OnlyMobiles reserves the right to amend policies related to distribution/redemption of OM Coins.

What time does it take to get OM Coins?

After successful delivery of the ordered item, it takes up to 7 days to reflect the same in your account.

Can I pay part payment of my order with OM Coins?

Yes, You can definitely do so. Let us say, you have got 200 OM Coins in your account and you want to purchase a product, which is worth INR 999 – while checking out you can utilize your balance OM Coins to make the part payment.

What is the value of 1 OM Coin?

The value of one OM Coin is equal to Re.1 . So, If you have got 300 OM Coins in your account, you can purchase products worth up to INR 300 without spending anything.

Can I make part payment via OM Coins and balance payment via COD?

No. While you opt for part payment via OM Coins – you cannot opt for the balance payment via COD. You need to complete the balance payment via Debit Card/Credit Card or Net Banking.

What is validity of OM Coins?

Validity of OM Coins is 31 days. Unused OM Coins will get withdrawn from user’s account after 31 days.

Suddenly my unused OM Coins are not reflecting in my account. What to do?

OM Coins have validity of 31 days. So, if your OM Coins are older than that and remained unused they will get off from your account. However, if you want more clarity than you can write to and our team will address your concern.

My OM Coins were about to expired and I have transferred to my friend. What will be the validity in such case?

Again, 31 days from the date of transfer. 

I have transferred OM Coins but it is not yet reflecting in his/her account. What to do now?

This should not have happened. You are requested to check your account and if you observe that OM Coins have been deducted from your account but have not credited in your friends’ account – please write to - and our team will address your concern.

Can I transfer my OM Coins to my savings bank account?

No. OM Coins are exclusive to your purchase on only and you cannot transfer the same to your bank accounts and it cannot get converted into any kind of legitimate currency.