Frequently Asked Questions

30 Days Price Guarantee

What is 30 Days Price Guarantee?

30 Days Price Guarantee is unique program to our customers, wherein customers can claim the price drop of their purchased products within 30 days of their purchase.

Example - If a mobile phone is purchased at Rs.19,999 and within 30 days if the customer observes that the price have come down to Rs.19,299 - then customer is entitled to claim Rs.700 under this program.

On which products this 30 days price guarantee is applicable?

30 Days Price Guarantee is applicable on every products which you purchase from

What is the process for the price drop guarantee claim?

It is very simple. Once you decided that you want to claim your 30 Days Price Guarantee - You need to log in and follow the below instruction.

  1. Go to "My Orders"
  2. Click on "View Order" for which order you want to claim your price guarantee
  3. Just below the product name (ordered item) you will see a link "Claim Price Guarantee" - click on this link
  4. Provide your bank details
  5. Submit your claim

That's it. You will receive an e-mail and sms notification from our side about receipt of your price guarantee claim and we shall initiate the process.

You can also visit


How i will come to know if the price have dropped or not?

You need to visit our website often to know if the price have dropped or not. You can bookmark the product page (product which you have purchased) or alternatively, you can even download our Android App and check the price. Since, prices keep on fluctuating, it is not possible to inform each customer about each change.

How many times i can claim for 30 days price guarantee?

You can claim only once for each ordered & delivered item. You cannot claim multiple times. So, you need to be really careful while to claim the same.

I have ordered item just 2 days back and price have dropped. can i claim price guarantee?

If you have already paid us via net banking or credit card or debit card or by any other wallet money - you can claim it immediately after your purchase. But, if you have purchased via Cash On Delivery mode - you can claim the same only once you accept the delivery of your ordered item.

I have claimed for 30 Days Price Guarantee. But it is rejected. Why?

There are only 3 reasons behind rejection of 30 Days Price Guarantee Claims. Please check if any of these applicable in your case.

  1. Bank Account Holder's name is different - we can issue refund only to those customers under whose name order is placed.
  2. Ordered item is not yet delivered - unless ordered item is not delivered, you cannot claim for price guarantee.
  3. Bank Account details are not perfect

In case of your rejection of claim, your team will notify you via email and sms and they shall also call you to help you out or if we need any more information.

My Price Guarantee claim got rejected. Now i want to apply again. can i do that?

Yes. If we reject your claim for any earlier explained reasons, you can still opt for the same again.

I have purchased mobile phone before 10 days. now the price have dropped. but i still want to wait for few more days. can i wait?

Yes, offcourse. You have 30 days with you after your purchase. You can claim your Price Guarantee as and when you want. But remember, you will get claim basis on the price - which is prevailing at the time of price guarantee claim.

How you will give me refund of difference of price under 30 days price guarantee?

While you submit your claim, we collect your bank details - like your bank account number, your bank account name, your bank name & your IFSC code. Once we approve your claim, the money will get deposited in your bank account via NEFT/RTGS or IMPS mode of payment.

Do i need to pay any additional charges to be eligible for this price guarantee?

No. You are not required to pay anything additional to claim your 30 Days Price Guarantee.

I have purchased a model in black color and while checking I found that black color price is the same and white color price have dropped. Will I get price guarantee claim?

No. We map the price guarantee against your purchased model & it’s color – so, If you have purcahsed iPhone 6s 16GB Black and if the price of iPhone 6s 16GB Rose Gold have changed – it will not impact on your price guarantee plan.

By mistake i have provided wrong bank account number and now the claim is already processed. What can be done in such case?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to help you in such case. We request our customers to be very alert while providing details of their bank account number.

Are there any tax implication of the same on me while I opt for the price protection?

No – there are no tax implications on you while you get the price protection.

I want to return the product because of some issue after receiving the price protection. What amount shall I get?

You will get your original purchase price minus protection amount as refund against your order.

I have missed to claim the price guarantee within 30 days of my purchase. what can i do now?

We are really sorry to know this. Unfortunately, we will not be able to help you in such case. You are requested to be careful next time.

I have purchased mobile phone and after delivery of the same price have dropped. I have decided to try my luck and waited for few more days but now again the price have increased. In this case, what will be the amount for price guarantee?

We calculate the price protection of the very same moment when you actually opt for the same.