October 10, 2018

Which Is the Best Smartphone to Buy in India?

Buying a phone seems to become tougher every year, with hundreds of existing models to choose from as well as new ones being launched every day. With dozens of smartphone manufacturers constantly innovating, improving upon and introducing new features, the decision is not an easy one.

Of course, there is a silver lining to all this confusion. Thanks to the huge range of smartphones available these days, there is a perfect fit out there for literally every buyer!

For instance, you may want the best battery smartphone that won’t run out of juice even with heavy use. Someone else with an interest in photography may be looking at the best camera phones instead. Your friend the gamer would invest in models with a higher screen resolution and the best processor for gaming.

What Should You Look for While Buying a New Phone?

While all phone buyers have specific requirements, there are some features that everyone considers important. These include:

  • Processing power
  • Good battery life
  • Durable build quality
  • Stylish or trendy design
  • Affordable price point

If you’re planning to buy a new smartphone, this infographic will come in very handy. It lists everything from top-selling brands in India, best camera phones and budget smartphones, phone models with the best processor for gaming or work, and even the top bezel-less phones for those who want the sleekest phone.

best phone in India

Paying for a New Smartphone Is Easier Today

If you think about it, making phone calls is probably what you use your smartphones for the least. From alarms to help you wake up on time till you’re ready to fall asleep while watching a movie in bed, it’s an integral part of your professional and personal life.

We all want the best smartphone we can get, and luckily for us, paying for one has never been easier. Many retailers offer mobile on easy EMI payments, and not only with a credit card. You can get a mobile on EMI with a debit card as well, and spreading out the cost this way also brings better models within reach.

If you’re looking for mobiles on EMI without credit card, Only Mobiles can help. We have a huge variety of the latest and best phones to hit the Indian market, with flexible payment options for every budget. Check out our range today!