November 21, 2018

Using Your Smartphone as a Television Remote Control

The television gets really loud and you are scrambling to find the remote but it’s nowhere to be seen. Sounds familiar? You can now use your smartphone as remote, which makes channel-surfing more comfortable and convenient, even when you lose the remote. This gives you a good reason to buy mobiles on EMI without a credit card.

You can use your phone as a remote control in 2 ways:

Using the Infrared Blaster

phone as a remote control using infrared blaster

If your smartphone has an IR (infrared) blaster, then it can double as a universal remote that can help you flip through channels. The IR blaster will allow you to send commands through the infrared rays to the television that is compatible with IR remote. One major advantage of using an IR blaster is that you don’t need to be in the line of sight with the television, which is which necessary with regular tv remotes.

Download apps that work on IR technology such as IR Plus, Smart TV Remote IR or IR Universal TV remote.

Using Apps that Work on Wi-Fi and IR Technology

In order to use these apps, you must have a smart television in addition to the smartphone. Luckily, you can now buy mobile on EMI with a debit card and take advantage of this technology.

  • AnyMote – Smart Remote Control

AnyMote app can turn your blaster-equipped smartphone into a universal remote for your smart television. It has numerous features like the ability to create custom remotes that can bring several commands together from different devices onto a large screen. This app can also function as a WiFi remote for devices and apps like speakers, media centres, or VLC.

  • Peel
Peel app for mobile phone

This app acts as a replacement for a TV remote as well as a personalized TV guide app. Input your cable provider and/or your zip code and you can see a list of upcoming broadcasts and you can mark your favourite shows. The app even learns from your selections and creates personalized suggestions and sends you reminders of when they will start.

  • CetusPlay Remote
CetusPlay Remote mobile app

Download the tv remote app on your smartphones and the CetusPlay receiver app in your TV and it will guide you through the rest of the setup process. It will also give you a rundown of app features, such as a variety of control modes, media casting from your the smartphone, launching TV apps, etc.

Smartphones are making other gadgets like television also smart. If you are interested in buying a mobile on easy EMI, OnlyMobiles is the place to go.