December 30, 2018

Samsung Galaxy S10 Review: New Flagship Beast

Greater speed, smaller bezels, and 5G connectivity would make the Samsung Galaxy S10 worth waiting for until 2019. It seems like Samsung’s S10 is going to be a bigger leap forward in the smartphone industry than Samsung’s last launch. When it arrives next year, it will be packing a plethora of advanced technology with features that the likes of Apple, One Plus, LG and HTC will be racing to match. Here, we run through the 5 Samsung Galaxy S10 features that have leaked up to this point. If they all end up finished in the Galaxy S10, it will truly be a flagship smartphone that will shake up the phone industry.


The Samsung Galaxy S10 64 GB variant is expected to be priced between Rs. 61,900 – Rs. 64,000.

2. Performance

AI CO processor
source: Wccftech

Reports suggest that Samsung is going to introduce a new AI CO processor on the Samsung Galaxy S10, which will be manufactured on the 7 nm EUV LPP. This alone should give Samsung the edge like Huawei and Apple and will be the first device with this chip on board.

3. Design and Display

Display of Samsung galaxy S10

Rumour has it that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will come in three different sizes – a 5.8-inch, 6.1-inch, and 6.4-inch variants. The S10 is expected to be the first Samsung device to adopt the newly announced unbreakable display technology. Samsung’s display developed the OLED panel with an overlay plastic window which is much more durable compared to the current generation flexible display. Plastic is much more durable and lighter than glass being used in smartphones. Durability is getting more important as we get fewer bezels because displays are now more naked, which is why Samsung is most likely to implement the unbreakable display on its flagship phone.

Samsung wanted to use the most advanced technology by using the optical sensor that most of the Chinese phones have used. It is thus, going with the ultrasonic sensor which is said to be more reliable and faster than the traditional in-display scanner and will work even in wet conditions.

Other rumours suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will exceed 600 pixels per inch and this seems quite likely, given that Samsung always provides us with incredible-looking displays. The S9 already offered us 570 pixels per inch, which will mean the S10 display will be at least close to 4K resolution. Whether or not it is really needed for a screen of this size, is another matter. But, a high resolution seems to be what a lot of consumers are after. This is amongst the best Samsung Galaxy S10 features for those who are big on photography.

4. Cameras

triple lens camera

Do you ever dream of a smartphone which has optical zoom, wide angle lens and portrait mode lens system all in one camera tech? Well, that dream is about to become a reality thanks to the Galaxy S10. Samsung is looking to implement a triple lens camera at the back of the S10 with one main verbal aperture camera sensor, with a secondary optical zoom sensor and a third 16 MP f/1.9 wide-angle lens. There will also be 2 front cameras exclusive to the S10 to give you the best depth effect selfies and wide-angle selfies. Samsung is crushing hard on the wide-angle trend and the S10 will have a complete camera system that you will want on a phone. There is not a single phone out there that gives you optical zoom and a wide-angle lens in one package.

5. Battery

Samsung has been developing graphene batteries for a while now and has filed a patent for the same last year. With an ability to charge 45% more using graphene batteries, Samsung plans on replacing their current lithium-ion batteries. These batteries also make a better pick since they deteriorate less compared to the standard lithium-ion ones. This seems amongst the best of Samsung Galaxy S10 features.

Are you excited for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10? Let us know in the comments down below which features you think will actually be included in the device. Now you can buy your favourite mobile on EMI with a debit card on OnlyMobiles. What’s more? We also offer our customers a 30-day price guarantee on all smartphone purchases. Visit our website for more information.