December 23, 2018

OnlyMobile’s One Plus 6t Review

The OnePlus 6t is an incremental update. Most of the features are the same as the OnePlus 6, but you can consider upgrading to the OnePlus 6t for a design refresh. The company took the OnePlus 6, which is already a solid and well-liked phone, made some upgrades and tweaks to things they thought could be better to take it up a notch with producing the OnePlus 6t. Here are 5 one plus 6t features you need to know about:


The 8 GB RAM variant of the One Plus 6t is priced at Rs. 41,999.

2. Performance

qualcomm snapdragon processor

The OnePlus 6t has some of the smoothest UI on a smartphone and the Oxygen OS is the trump card for this device. In terms of daily performance, you will not experience any lag on this device, whether you are playing your favourite new game or binge-watching a new Netflix show. The new ‘gaming mode’ shows you calls, emails and other third-party notifications to appear as small floating icons that won’t disturb your gaming experience. This new flagship device comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor with 6 GB or 8 GB RAM and 128 GB or 256 GB internal storage variants. With the new ‘Smart Boost’ feature, apps can now perform 5%-20% faster to store data of frequently-used apps in the RAM. The new gaming mode and smart boost appear to be 2 cool new one plus 6t features.

3. Design and Display

OnePlus 6t display

The display is now bigger. It is a 6.4-inch bright and colorful display, while it also has built-in adjustable colour profiles. The notch is just slightly smaller than the one on the OnePlus 6. For a lot of people, larger screen, closer to the bezels and more room for notifications will be a big upgrade. And you still can hide the notch using their software if you want to. The fingerprint scanner underneath the display is what a lot of people were looking forward to. Now, you can unlock your phone just by touching the glass.  You cannot just touch the screen and remove it quickly to unlock the phone; it will still tell you that you are going too fast. But if you leave your finger on the screen for a bit, you can unlock your phone pretty quickly.

4. Camera

OnePlus 6t camera feature
Source: Beebom

The camera performance is one the best OnePlus 6t features on this device. The main camera is still a 16 MP sensor with a f/1.7 aperture, a pixel size of 1.22 micron, along with Optical Image Stabilisation. The secondary rear camera has a 20 MP camera with f/1.7 aperture with a pixel size of 1 micron, but this camera does not support Optical Image Stabilisation. It is only used for sensing depth information for portrait shots. You can shoot 4K videos up to 60 FPS, 1080p videos up to 240 FPS and 720p videos at 480 FPS. Just like the OnePlus 6, OIS on this camera is active only while taking pictures. On the front, you still have a 16 MP camera along with Electronic Image Stabilisation. The interface of the camera is similar to other OnePlus models and you can swipe left to select different camera modes.

On a bright and sunny day, you get an ample amount of detail in your shots. The colors can seem a little saturated as opposed to what you actually try to capture and there is not enough amount of depth in the shots. There is a bit of over-sharpening, which gives the illusion of the pictures being more detailed. The colours are accurate for the most part, especially in situations of controlled lighting conditions.

5. Battery

One of the biggest upgrades on the OnePus 6t is its battery, which offers you 400 mAh more battery backup. This new one plus mobile has a battery size of 3700 mAh that works well with the Snapdragon 845 processor, RAM and FHD+ AMOLED display. Lower consumption of battery also allows the device to produce an excellent performance for hard-core gaming apps.

What do you think of the new OnePlus phone? Let us know what according to you, is the biggest upgrade on this device is. If you are looking for the best OnePlus phone, take a look at our 30 days price guarantee to get the best deals today.