December 10, 2018

7 Mobile Photography Tips: How to get better photos with your iPhone

Good photos can only be shot with expensive and big cameras is a myth. You need not own a DSLR or a professional camera for taking great images and instead, best camera phones can easily get you great shots. Such as pictures taken from IPhones give clarity and various options to experiment with the camera and the image. Phones with good cameras are available at affordable prices.

It is this time of the year when celebrations are on and people love to click picture with family and friends. These pictures can either be a selfie of you all dressed up and posing with a pout, group photos or simply a picture of a plate of cookies and lip smacking chocolate Christmas cake.

That being said, here are 7 tips to take your mobile photography to the next level.

1. Great Photos Need Great Lighting

bright photography
source: Me Ra Koh

The first and most important aspect of photography is to see where the light is coming from. Always look for the natural light and its sources that would come from windows, bulbs, lamps, etc. Irrespective of which devise you use for taking images light plays an important role in delivering good images when shooting portraits for soft light.

2. Always turn on the grid

iphone photography
Source: iPhone Life

Almost all smartphones including iPhones have grids or lines that divide our phones’ screen into nine different sections. This option must be switched on whenever taking pictures because this helps the photographer keeping in mind the composition. And following the rule of thirds. Mobile photography does not mean that not applying the Symmetry, leading lines, colours, textures, and all of the other standard composition techniques.

3. Use third party apps or lenses

iphone photography with external lens

A photographer can always experiment with any third party app or lenses which are easily available. These help you to get better images like good portraits, wide angle shots, fish eye images and macro images. When taking images from iPhones or any other Apple device, make sure these lenses work like magic and make your image look professional.

4. Keep it simple

simple iphone photography
source: Expert Photography

One simple subject and a good composition is all you need to make your photo interesting an appealing. Do not over complicate your photo by adding too many things. Take low angle images, images with single subject, Silhouette i.e. dark shape of an object taken against bright light, interesting shadow images, clear close up shots by showing details of the subject, shooting from low angles, creating images with interesting foreground and background.

5. Do not forget to check the focus and set exposure manually

aet focus and exposure manually
source: Macworld

Always check the focus before shooting. There are camera apps which help you to set focus and give clear images. Just clicking on the button without checking the exposure will not give you good shots. Always set the exposure before clicking. On an iPhone, once you tap and focus, you can just slide up or down on the image and it adjusts the exposure accordingly.

6. Never zoom the image

iphone photography image
source: OSXDaily

Never ever try to zoom into the image. Zooming simply decreases the resolution and gives a poor quality image. When you are using phone’s camera to zoom there are no lenses moving inside adjusting the field of view; instead, the only thing that is “zooming” is the software cropping the image down to a smaller size which you can later crop to the size you want.

7. Use Apps for Editing Images

use apps for editing images
source: Memeburn

This is another important factor for good photography. To make your image look attractive you can use editing apps and software. iPhone users can easily use software like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and many others which can make the photo look more appealing.

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