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BlackBerry KEY2 Dual Sim Experts Review

BlackBerry Key2 review

Stellar battery life. A tactile and genuinely useful keyboard. Great software with a focus on security and privacy. What more could you want? The BlackBerry Key2 is an exceptional phone.

Digital Trends

Julian Chokkattu on June 27, 2018

BlackBerry KEY2 review: The undisputed keyboard king

The BlackBerry KEY2 is the best Android-powered BlackBerry ever made, and it improves on last year's formula in almost every way.


Chris Velazco on June 27, 2018

BlackBerry KEY2 review

The KEY2 is a compelling revival of BlackBerry's legacy devices. Otherwise, the hardware build is great and the KEY2 is a wonderful successor to the KEYOne.


GSMArena Team on August 10, 2018

BlackBerry Key2 review

The new BlackBerry Key2 is a phone designed entirely for BlackBerry fans. You won't want this if you're thinking of upgrading from a Galaxy S7 and your muscle memory is trained for on-screen keyboards, but for old BlackBerry fans struggling with make-believe keyboards and autocorrect, there's something charming about a physical keyboard. It's a contender for a niche audience that doesn't care about multimedia or fancy new camera tricks like portrait mode.


Matt Swider on June 29, 2018

BlackBerry Key2 review: By default, the best keyboard phone you can buy

For diehard keyboard warriors and BlackBerry fans, the Key2 will still be a draw – it’s the best keyboard phone, almost by default – but the gap between it and the rest of the smartphones in the industry is just too hard to ignore.

Expert Reviews (UK)

Jonathan Bray on July 06, 2018


The very thing that makes the Key2 a BlackBerry is the same thing that keeps the Key2 from competing in a modern smartphone world. A BlackBerry needs a keyboard, but no one needs a keyboard on a smartphone in 2018.


Stefan Etienne on June 27, 2018

BlackBerry Key2

For BlackBerry die-hards only.

Trusted Reviews

Max Parker on July 04, 2018

BlackBerry Key2 review: Strictly for keyboard die-hards

If you rely on an older BlackBerry phone, the BlackBerry Key2 is a worthy upgrade, but it will frustrate people switching from all-touch phones, despite some winning extras.


Jessica Dolcourt on June 28, 2018

BlackBerry KEY2 review: Just my type

BlackBerry does right by its keyboard-loving smartphone fans, but there's enough here to attract even the staunchest of skeptics. BlackBerry just has to get them to put aside their ambivalence.

Android Central

Daniel Bader on June 27, 2018

BlackBerry Key2 Review: A Throwback in the Best Way

TCL has modernized the physical-keyboard smartphone with the BlackBerry Key2, producing one of the year's best handsets for the productivity-minded.

Tom's Guide

Adam Ismail on July 22, 2018