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Apple iPhone X Experts Review

iPhone X review: Finally, the rebooted iPhone we've been waiting for

The iPhone X was a huge gamble from Apple, yet one that really paid off six months into our testing. Losing the home button and altering the design was a dangerous move, but one that was sorely needed after years of similarity and the premium design, extra power, all-screen front mix together to create - by far - the best iPhone Apple's ever made.


Gareth Beavis on May 17, 2018

Apple iPhone X review: Worth it. The iPhone X is the breath of fresh air Apple fans were waiting for

If you’re an Apple fan, this is the phone to buy. We can’t peel our eyes away from the gorgeous OLED screen, and using gestures to move around iOS is pure bliss.

Digital Trends

Julian Chokkattu on May 14, 2018

Apple iPhone X review: Still the best iPhone, but its successor is expected soon

iPhone X remains a winning evolution of the iPhone, but at this point, you’re better off waiting for what Apple has on deck in September.


Scott Stein on June 08, 2018

iPhone X

The best iPhone I’ve ever used and one of the most exciting phones of 2017. People will balk at the price and make silly jokes about the notch, but if you’re happy to spend then you won’t be disappointed.

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Max Parker on May 04, 2018

iPhone X review

Despite some quirks, we'd say that the improved rear-facing camera, the additional features that the Face ID camera brings, and the beautiful OLED screen justifies the increase, even though it still feels like a lot of money.


Karen Haslam on May 05, 2018

Apple iPhone X review: A great phone, but is Apple killing the iPhone X?

The iPhone X is many things: it’s Apple’s best ever phone, it has an unbelievably good display, but there’s no way I could recommend it to someone when there’s a phone that’s just as good, if not better in some ways, and will cost you nearly half as much.

Expert Reviews (UK)

Nathan Spendelow & Jonathan Bray on January 22, 2018

iPhone X review: Does Apple's expensive, fragile beauty still stand up to its rivals?

If you’re desperate to buy a new iPhone, do yourself a favour and buy an iPhone 8 Plus instead. You might not be getting the latest and greatest Apple has to offer, but you’ll be saving plenty of cash, getting a phone that’s nearly as good.


Victoria Woollaston on May 04, 2018

iPhone X review: The best damn product Apple has ever made

iPhone X is new. It's different. And when you have hundreds of millions of people used to the way things are, some of them won't appreciate or simply won't yet be ready for the new and different. That's why Apple is also offering iPhone 8, which has several of the new features in a design that's not so different at all.


Rene Ritchie on February 12, 2018