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Apple iPad 6th Generation WiFi Experts Review


This is a very good tablet. The best, in fact, under $500. It’s too bad that nothing else comes close, because maybe that competition would have inspired Apple to make something a little better.


Dieter Bohn on April 03, 2018

9.7-inch iPad 2018

The new iPad is an iPad Pro on a budget. You get many of the same features for a fraction of the price, and that makes it hugely compelling.

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Evan Kypreos on April 19, 2018

Apple iPad (2018)

The same price as last year's model but now with Apple Pencil support, the sixth-generation iPad is the best midrange tablet choice for most people.

PC Mag

Sascha Segan on April 02, 2018

Apple iPad (9.7-inch, 2018) review: The iPad for everyone

That said, I can't imagine recommending any other iPad right now over this one. For its price, and its features, this is everything you want in a tablet.


Scott Stein on April 12, 2018

Apple iPad (2018) Review

We can't stress enough about the new iPad's valuable package, and despite its minuscule upgrade, it's still by far the best bang for the buck you'll get out of a tablet.


John Velasco on April 05, 2018

Apple iPad review (2018): A little better, a little less competition

Its potent combination of price, polish and power make this iPad the best value tablet money can buy.


Chris Velazco on April 03, 2018