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Apple iPad 6th Generation WiFi + Cellular Experts Review

9.7-inch iPad (2018) review: Apple’s tablet is ‘pro’ enough for many of us

If you're looking for a tablet that delivers an experience much like the iPad Pro for a more agreeable price tag, the sixth-generation 9.7-inch iPad has you covered.


Leif Johnson on April 05, 2018

iPad 2018 (6th-Gen) review: Half the Pro for half the price

For students in and outside the classroom, for people looking top upgrade from an original-style or Air-era iPad, or for those who just want Pencil support without the full Pro price, the 2018 iPad Pro, Apple's 6th Generation, once again delivers the best value in tablets today.


Rene Ritchie on April 02, 2018

Apple iPad 9.7-inch (2018) Review

The new 9.7-inch iPad provides plenty of power, long battery life and Apple Pencil support, all for a fairly affordable price, even if this slate is not a Chromebook killer.

Laptop Mag

Mark Spoonauer on March 30, 2018

iPad Review 2018: This one’s for my kids

You could argue that this is the most cynical of Apple’s tablet announcements: a “new” iPad that’s made up of little more than components the company has already used in older models. Yet the pragmatists among us – of whom I’d consider myself one – can see the value in that.


Chris Burns on May 01, 2018

iPad (2018) review

This isn't a perfect tablet, but it offers a very well-rounded experience that will appeal to most people. For just £319 you get that Apple build quality and a decent set of specs including Apple Pencil support so, for a change, Apple offers brilliant value for money.

Tech Advisor (UK)

Chris Martin on May 01, 2018

Apple iPad (2018) review: The best gets even better

The sixth-generation iPad is the iPad for most users. It's fast, reliable, and secure. The new iPad is a worthy upgrade, or a stellar first tablet for consumers, business users, and, yes, students.


Jason Cipriani on April 20, 2018

Apple iPad (2018) review

Still the best, and now even better, the iPad remains king of the tablets.

Digital Trends

Julian Chokkattu on April 03, 2018