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Apple AirPods2 Questions & Answers

To pair the AirPods with your Android phone - please follow the below steps. 

01) Press the button in front of the charging case until the light blinks. 

02) Go to Bluetooth Settings (on your phone) and choose AirPods

Customer Also Asked

No. Airpods do not have storage space for media. 

Yes, Apple Airpods are compatible with Macbooks. 

Yes, you can control the volume from the phone using the phone's volume buttons just like we do in case of any other headphones. 

If you have already paired your AirPords with your iPhone and want to pair with any other iPhone, you need to follow the below steps. 

Step 1: Open your AirPods charging case 

Step 2: Tap "Connect"

Step 3: Press and hold the "pairing" button on the back of the case. 

connect airpods with another iphone

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Customers Reviews

aditya gupta on June 28 2018
Working Very Nice With My Samsung Galaxy S9

I was very much worried when I inserted in my ear that it might fell off. But no. They perfectly fit within ear and there is no worry at all. One can easily use them while running or while doing gym. Sound quality is excellent. Vocals are superb and bass is also good. Treble is a little down but Bass is more important. It is very easy to use and pair with any Android phone which you are using. Battery is good. I get about 6 hours of listening. And it charges quick. It just takes about 15 minutes to give me 4 hours of music. I do not use iPhone but this is a must buy if you are using any phone. Paisa-vasool product.

manas ahuja on July 03 2018
Verified Buyer
Awesome Sound Experience

The design of the Apple Airpods is really good. It may look a bit odd at the first but the grip in the ears are perfect. You can use it either in pair or you can just use in one ear. Connectivity with both - iPhone and iPad is very nice and you do not have to work hard for it. It works with Apple watch as well.

Sound Quality: sound quality is good. Bass punches. Crisp vocals.

What I do not like is the charging case is super shiny and prone to scratches. You have to take extra care for them.

One suggestion: There should be option for pause, play and forward with double tap.

devesh tanna on July 30 2018
Verified Buyer
Good Choice If You Are Using It With IPhone

I find the Apple AirPods very useful. They are excellent companion with my iPhone 8. The sound is quite okey. Music streaming works very smooth. Though the noise cancellation is not there but you will not find any trouble even when you are in middle of the traffic. Battery is also quite okey. Overall, I will give 4 out of 5.

Experts Reviews

Apple AirPods review: Apple's AirPods have improved with time

Look past their offbeat design and you'll find that Apple AirPods' compact size and high convenience factor are a winning combination.

David Carnoy on November 15, 2017
Apple AirPods

Ultimately, the Apple AirPods make me excited for what Apple can achieve for future versions, as the first attempt falls short in some important areas.

Trusted Reviews
Max Parker on May 21, 2018