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Apple AirPods2 Experts Review

Apple AirPods review: Apple's AirPods have improved with time

Look past their offbeat design and you'll find that Apple AirPods' compact size and high convenience factor are a winning combination.


David Carnoy on November 15, 2017

Apple AirPods

Ultimately, the Apple AirPods make me excited for what Apple can achieve for future versions, as the first attempt falls short in some important areas.

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Max Parker on May 21, 2018

Apple AirPods: Apple's fully wireless earbuds solve its newest problem

There’s a lot about the AirPods that we like. They sound great, their battery life and charging speeds run laps around the competition, and it’s hard to overstate just how seamless the pairing process is.


Jon Porter on November 22, 2017

Apple AirPods: the audiophile review 439

I can’t see a better combination of price, features, and performance than what’s offered by the AirPods.


Vlad Savov on March 19, 2018


Never have Bluetooth headphones been so easy to pair. AirPods turn Siri into an omnipresent being. Battery life and fit are both better than you might expect.


David Pierce on July 04, 2017

Apple AirPods

When I first encountered the AirPods, I said I didn't think they'd be a must-have. Now, months after my first go-around, that's still where I'm at.


Chris Velazco on September 13, 2016